AMG Chrome UK

AMG Chrome Limited, part of the AMG
Critical Materials NV, is a world-renowned
supplier of specialty metals, alloys and other
materials into the super-alloy, aerospace,
steel, hard-facing, welding and aluminium

At our core is the manufacture of pure
chrome metal, high purity degassed chrome
metals and chrome powders, however we
also offer ferro titanium, ferro
boron, aluminium powders and a range of
other powdered metal products. We have a
workforce of over 100 employees
and have been manufacturing metals at our
site in Rotherham, UK, for over 80 years.

We have earned our reputation as a responsive, technology-focussed, innovative supplier of our metals to the industries we serve. Our service and product excellence is supported by technical and quality expertise, along with a logistics network team to service our key markets across the world.

AMG Chrome Limited, through AMG Analytical Services, also delivers first class inorganic analytical testing services to a diverse customer base for whom quality and integrity of service is paramount. The laboratory activities are accredited to the ISO 17025 (UKAS) and 9001:2008 laboratory and quality management standards. Analytical services include ICP-OES, XRF/XRD, atomic absorption, microscopy, and chromatography, among others.

AMG Chrome US offers both production and stockholding facilities in the US, for the manufacture of High Purity De-gassed Ultra Low Sulphur (HPDULS) chrome and to offer exceptional customer service to clients across the United States and Canada.
Purchased in 2019, hydrogen reduction vacuum furnaces at our New Castle, PA facility enable us to manufacture ultra-high purity chrome briquettes with sulphur levels of 5ppm max for use in the production of single crystal alloys into the aviation and energy industries.

AMG Chrome’s service levels to our customers are as important as our product quality and we have a network of stockholding partnerships in the US and Canada aimed at providing first-class customer satisfaction. Our primary stockholding can be found in Baltimore, MD, but we have additional facilities in Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, Charlotte, NC, and Canada. Underpinned by weekly product shipments from AMG Chrome in the UK, we offer a range of chrome grades from stock on short lead time by agreement with existing customers and for new spot requirements. Please contact our US team to discuss how we can support your business and your needs in the future.

AMG applies metallurgical based technologies to provide solutions for industrial challenges. AMG provides vacuum furnace solutions for high purity metals and is also a producer of specialty alloys and metals used to improve the characteristics of their end products. AMG applies this knowledge to help meet the growing demand for energy and resource conservation in development of advanced applications in the energy, transportation, infrastructure and specialty metals and chemicals industries.
The company is organized into three divisions: AMG Clean Energy Materials, AMG Critical Minerals, and AMG Critical Materials Technologies. With approximately 3,600 employees, AMG operates globally with production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Mozambique, and has sales and customer service offices in Japan.

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AMG is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental conduct at all of its manufacturing facilities and producing materials that help its customers to minimise negative environmental impact.
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